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We are offering a free logo for a limited time only for all of our fans!

Like our Facebook Page & Reply with a comment with the below to receive a free 4000×4000 vector logo.

Name : <Team or Player Name>
Tagline: <20 characters>
Colours: <Name 3>
Background: <Colour> (Can be transparent)
Example :

Name : Godsquad
Tagline : Shroud
Colours : Red, Blue, White
Background : Black

This can be used as :
👍Twitter Icon
👍Facebook Icon
👍Discord Icon
👍Twitch Icon
👍Steam Icon
👍Origin Icon

We will send you a 4000×4000 with a transparent background if required.

Examples Requested:



  1. Name : CPG Anomaly
    Tagline: OwO
    Colours: Black Yellow White (for Text)
    Background: Black w Yellow highlights
    (Not sure if first one sent)

  2. Name : TBM 16
    Tagline: i don’t want a tagline, just the name.
    Colours: Red, black
    Background: Black, and a transparent one.

    I know, that doesn’t gives too much info of what to draw, so put something that you think it’s cool.

    Maybe you can get inspired with my profile picture (?)

  3. Name: Dumpster Dog
    Tagline: Don’t add a tagline
    Colours: Red, Purple, Black
    Background: Black

    It’d be cool if the dog was a bulldog

  4. Name: momshomemadecooking
    Tagline: no tagline just the name please
    Colours: blue, white (similar to Pillsbury Doughboy)
    Background: blue

  5. Name : Azazel
    Tagline: The Fallen
    Colours: Royal Purple,Deep Red and Grey
    Background: Black
    (jf possible do a fallen angel motif,maybe like wings and a halo or smth)

  6. Name : Azazel
    Tagline: The Fallen
    Colours: Red and Gray with Purple accents
    Background: Black
    If possible in a fallen angel theme

  7. Name : phonetic
    Tagline : n/a
    Colours : Blue and Black
    Background : Light Blue

    could you try and add stitch from lilo and stitch as the main image? thank you

  8. Name : AnoXerA
    Tagline: The Paradox
    Colours: Main:[ RGB/40-140-250]; use black/white as needed
    Background: transparent

    Some sort of person in the icon is preferred over anything else

  9. Name:Rissen
    Colours:purple,cyan,pink(vaporwave aesthetic)
    Background black
    if you could incorporate a hooded gasmasked figure and a vaporwave sun into it that would be great thank you

  10. Name : DemonLoam (or Loam)
    Tagline: [N/A]
    Colours: Black, white and tirqoise
    Background: Transparent

    Keen to see what you come up with. Thank you.

  11. Name : Kid.Hudson
    Tagline: Begrüße den Kraken
    Colours: Lavender Purple, Light Pink, Baby Blue[Vaporwave Aesthetic]
    Background: Dark Grey

    Squid/Octopus[or Cthulhu] would be appreciated. Thank you.

  12. Name: Tech clan
    Tagline: None
    Colours: red, yellow and orange design with silver text please
    Background: None
    Can you make it a squid/dragon hybrid?
    If not it could be morgana from persona five

  13. Very kind of you. We really need one!

    Name: The Void
    Tagline: enter if you dare
    Colours: grey, white, black (monochrome aligned with the bg hue please)
    Background: #202225

  14. name: seijinoo
    tagline: none
    colours: pastel pink, red , burgundy, purple
    background: none
    please could you make it like samurai/ anime themed
    please and thank you so much
    and great work keep it up my dudes

  15. Yo, really cool of you to do this!
    Name : FewBreath
    Tagline: None
    Colours: Red, Black, White
    Background: Dark Grey


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