Poggers Champions League FAQ




A season starts at the beginning every month.

  1. 3 weeks are played as a league
  2. After 3 weeks the Top 8 teams go into a cup seeded
  3. The cup is then played out in the final week of the month and any teams below will have a free week of play.
  4. A bracket will be shared online of the schedule for the cup.


  1. You will play 3 games in a group stage on Tuesday 7pm(BST)
    1. If you come 1st or 2nd post group stage you play a promotion Match on Sunday BO3
    2. If you come 3rd or 4th post group stage you play a promotion Match on Sunday BO3
      1. Game 1 Starts:8pm
      2. Game 2 Starts at 9pm
      3. Game 3 starts at 10pm
  2. Sunday 7pm(BST) is Best of:
    1. if you win the best of 3 in the promotion and go up a league
    2. if you win the best of 3 in a demotion you stay in your current league
    3. if you lose your promotion game you stay in your current league.
    4. if you lose your demotion game you go down a league.
      1. Game 1 Starts:8pm
      2. Game 2 Starts at 9pm
      3. Game 3 starts at 10pm if required.
  3. Results will be posted in the score channel then recorded onto the website for viewing


  1. Admin words are absolute.
  2. Behave in a respectful manner toward tournament officials, Which means NO FLAME no matter what’s the reason, Any flame means a disqualification!
  3. Subs will be found if anyone drops. Max of 5 subs per team per season or team will automatically disqualify.


  1. All ranks and Unranked allowed.
  2. Sign up here: https://discord.gg/C8mYXhw post name in events channel a mod will contact you.
  3. Only registered players will be accepted in the competition.
  4. Check-in starts 15 minutes before the start of the tournament.
  5. Go to Discord Events channel for guidance: https://discord.gg/C8mYXhw
  6. If you don’t check-in you can’t play when the tournament starts. ( If you come back later we can check you in as a SUB ).
  7. Only registered Players/Teams and checked in will be allocated games.
  8. Any new teams will start at the bottom of the ladder.


  1. You need to check-in Ready within 15 minutes before the tournament has started.
  2. If the game hasn’t started within 15 minutes after both teams checking in ready, the guilty team is disqualified.
  3. If the enemy team didn’t show up in time tell the Admin on our Discord server and post a screenshot as proof.
  4. If you need subs you can find players on our Discord in the reserve list channels.
  5. Start only when both teams are ready.
  6. If a team is missing players they can invite SUBS ( Replacements ) but only upto 5 in a season.
  7. Take a screenshot of the result it makes it easier for admins to total up.



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